AR Management

Collecting paymentsfrom businesses for services offered or products sold is an essential part ofmaintaining consistent cash-flow and important for the overall success of thebusiness. But many times it has been observed that payments are not made ontime. Then the AR management or also known as Accounts Receivable Managementcomes into the role.

It is the moneythat a company has the right to receive after a certain period of goods orservices sold on credit to other companies. Accounts Receivable Management isthe process of ensuring that customers pay their dues on time. Early callinghelps the business to prevent themselves from running out of working capital atany point of time. It also prevents overdue payment or non-payment of the pendingamounts of the customers. Accounts receivable management incorporates is allabout ensuring that customers pay their invoices.

Why us?

·     We provide services from invoice verification, calling, visits if needed, meetings between both the parties, and follow-up until payments are received.

·  Beyond the above services, we also provide services such as payment plan monitoring, risk management, and legal collections (if required).

·     For data security purposes, we agree to sign a written agreement as per the international GDPR guidelines.

·     We have an expert team of Lawyers and Partners, to support your requirements

While working with us your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) reduces rapidly as we ensure a fast billing cycle. We also chase bad invoices as earliest as possible which helps us to prevent any upcoming situations like bad-debt or write-offs in advance. We can track Invoices globally and we provide individual care to each of our clients.

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