B2B Debt Collections

B2B or the Business to Business debt collections is a process of collecting outstanding amounts from clients instead of a customer (i.e. B2C - Business to Consumer). Collecting payment from businesses for services offered or products sold is an essential part of maintaining consistent cash-flow and important for the overall success of the business.

There are lots of ways to do business but the key feature of every business is to provide services or goods to other companies or organizations in exchange for some payments. At the end of the day, you are expected to receive the amount equal to the services or the goods provided by you but in several cases, it is seen that the client is not paying the debt amount.

How do we handle the B2B Collections?

We work efficiently to get the results as per your expectations as earliest as possible or the most appropriate solution for your business so that your cash flow keeps its consistency remain.

As soon as we receive detailed information on the account and the company along with documentation, RCC starts its process with invoice verification followed by calling and demand letter within a week's time. Later, the journey will continue with continuous follow up to obtain payment status or resolve disputes, if any.

Whether it’s a domestic or an international case, we are able to track your creditors globally as we have spread to 197 countries around the globe, keeping with local laws and practices.

Benefits of working with RCC

·    RCC always seeks an Amicable settlement or eventual settlement based on case conditions.

·    We always confirm the payment schedule and ensures that the payment is done as discussed.

·    We can enter the business after the 60 days of invoice and take up to 2.5 years of aging Invoices.

·    We are established in 197 countries across the globe keeping the local laws and practices along.

 To know how we can assist you with this please E-mail us at info@rccindia.net or call us on 9971494206.