Invoice Verification

    Invoice Verification

Many companies provide goods or services to other companies to fulfill their business needs. Once the services/goods are sold from the seller, and the goods are delivered to the buyer's place, they have to pay the seller or supplier for the goods or services received. But unfortunately, several times its been seen that on the payment day, buyers raise an excuse for the poor quality of the material, short shipment, or any pending credit notes, which cause unwanted delays in the payment.


This is why with each order made by the buyer, the supplier sends a document containing complete details of the material provided by them such as date of purchase, the number of goods, prices, return & exchange policies, or taxes applied, etc. This document is called Invoice.

To avoid such unnecessary arguments we need to verify the invoice before the due date. This process of verifying the invoices is called Invoice Verification.


Invoice verification is a process that confirms that the buyer has received all the goods/services as they ordered from the supplier. Each company should verify the invoice to ensure that the invoice is accurate and has no problem. This process helps to prevent accidental over-financing, financing invoices, and delayed payments in case of disputes. With us, you can rest be assured that you will not miss any payment.

It is the assurance that the buyer has received what they had ordered from the vendor or supplier. There are multiple points that we take care of are:

    ·     That the product/service was delivered as per order.

    ·     That the product/service met your customer's expectations.

    ·     That the invoice amount is accurate.

    ·     That the due date is correct.

    ·     All shipment / Purchase orders should be according to purchase order.

    ·     There should be no disputes between the parties.

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