Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance is an effective tool to handle all the financial risks to your business that may arise in the case of your customer's insolvency or refusal to pay your credit under the signed terms. Our credit insurance service protects you from losses that may occur due to the negligence of a customer to pay your balance or in the case of bankruptcy, or refuse to pay your debts under a signed contract. This credit insurance is also known as an effective tool to Risk Management.

Reasons to have a Credit Insurance Policy for your business:

    ·     Improves cash flow.

    ·     Get more access to your investments.

    ·     Decreases bad debts and write-offs.

    ·     Improves your balance sheet.

    ·     Increase business profits.

With Recreate Credit & Collections, you will remain calm and more confident and focused on your business goals.

Why us? We are one of the largest financial services providers in the region. We are here to help you to buy a proper credit insurance policy to protect your receivables, enabling you to offer your buyers, attractive terms while protecting your balance sheet. Not only this, we also provide many services including debt collection and credit policies. We can also help you to settle down your recent debt or old aged outstanding as well as we can design an effective credit policy for your business too.

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