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A Letter From CEO


Dear Partners,


The COVID-19 has changed everything about life and work as we know it. This COVID-19 pandemic has brought fast-moving and unexpected variables, some of which existing crisis plans and teams weren’t prepared to handle. We’re all focused on how to best protect and support our families, employees, clients, and communities in the face of this unfolding crisis. On behalf of all Recreate Credit & Collection LLP employees, I want to let you know that our thoughts are with those who are affected.


RCC’s mission has always been to provide the best solutions and experiences to our clients. All of us at Recreate Credit & Collections are focused on enabling our customers to be productive and collaborative during this challenging time. Here are a few things we are doing to accomplish this goal:


Ensuring continuity of service


We recognize the critical role our services play in your business success. I’d like to assure you that all our Services will remain fully operational. This ensures our ability to continue to deliver our solutions and serve your needs.

We are here to support your business continuity with cost efficiency in mind.


Making it easier than ever to do business with us


We have already implemented a number of customer-friendly programs intended to provide continued access to our services.

  • We’re providing greater access and flexibility to our employees to resolve the issues based on the specific needs of our clients. 
  • We are supporting data and analytics through all possible means to serve you better and inefficient manner.
  • We have already kept in touch with many governments worldwide to make our services available there for you.


RCC is here to support you during these unprecedented times. Our employees are available for any questions, queries, or concerns you have.


Above all, stay safe and healthy.

Vikas Malik

Group CEO