[13] Sandra Bernhard was offered and turned down the role of Ghostbusters' secretary Janine Melnitz, which went to Annie Potts. [13], Filming on location in New York lasted for about six weeks, finishing just before Christmas. [13] The fateful Marshmallow Scene was met with a similar reaction, and Reitman knew he would not have to reshoot any scenes. He was hired before filming had begun or all the cast had been signed. He considered himself a "kitchen sink" writer who created the funny situations and paranormal jargon, while Ramis refined the jokes and dialogue. [10] Ramis was inspired by the cover of a journal on abstract architecture for Egon's appearance. (2013), and Pixels (2015). Pre-orders of the Wii version at GameStop included an exclusive, On the cover of the stylized version of the game, Ray has two P.K.E. [8][75][74], Columbia had negotiated 50% of the box-office revenues or 90% of gross after expenses, depending on whichever was higher. [26][27][6] During shooting of the final scene at the building, city officials allowed the production to close down the adjacent streets during rush hour. [215][216], This article is about the original 1984 film. In the early 1980s, many saw the city as synonymous with fiscal disaster and violence, and Los Angeles was seen as the center of the entertainment industry. [42] The Zombie Cab Driver was the only puppet shot on location in New York City. "[49], Following Reitman's tweaks to the design, on-screen models were made from a fiberglass shell with an aluminum backplate bolted to a United States Army backpack frame. Two vehicles were purchased, one for the pre-modification scenes. 'Ghostbusters' was one of the most popular movies of the 1980s, and its release date is used as a means for charting time for the Stuff You Should Know podcast. [133] Despite its mainstream success, it is considered an example of a cult blockbuster—a popular film with a dedicated fanbase. Its theme song, "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr., was also a number-one hit. Everyone knows that video games based on popular licenses are usually lackluster and best forgotten, but the NES port of Ghostbusters cleverly avoids sinking into that trap – no, it bravely charts a course towards its disastrous new low thanks to a triple threat of mind-numbing repetition, frequently nonexistent controls, and abysmal level design!
The routine also appears on Just Dance Unlimited and Just Dance Now. [51] Dane designed its high-tech roof array with objects including a directional antenna, an air-conditioning unit, storage boxes and a radome. [66] It broke the studio's own record at the time set by Tootsie. "[7][59], In the months before its debut, a teaser trailer was released focused on the "No ghosts" logo, helping the icon to become recognizable far in advance, and generating interest in the film without mentioning its title or its stars. Peter Venkman", "9 common words you probably didn't know came from movies", "Can a Film Be Both a Blockbuster and a Cult Classic? He found it a challenge to balance the film's varying comedic and serious tones. [187][185] A video game of the same name was released alongside the film and was considered a success. [6], The film was first screened for test audiences on February 3, 1984, with unfinished effects shots to determine if the comedy worked. Ghostbusters Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. [143] It was unranked by Filmsite. 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[10] Columbia's then-CEO Fay Vincent sent his lawyer Dick Gallop from New York to Los Angeles to convince Price not to pursue the film, but Price disagreed. It made him (Reitman) so confined that it really bothered him. [7], In the years since its release, Ghostbusters merchandise has included: soundtrack albums, action figures, books, Halloween costumes, various LEGO and Playmobil sets including the Ecto-mobile and Firehouse,[133][189] board games,[190][191] slot machines,[192] pinball machines,[193] bobbleheads, statues, prop replicas, neon signs, ice cube trays, Minimates, coin banks,[186] Funko Pop figures,[194] footwear,[195] lunch boxes, and breakfast cereals. [130][7][131] It is considered one of the first blockbusters and is credited with refining the term to effectively create a new genre that mixed comedy, science fiction, horror, and thrills. [8][7] Reitman later admitted he made up the figure, basing it on three times the budget for Stripes, which seemed "reasonable. The Ghostbusters rescue Dana and Louis from the wreckage and are welcomed on the street as heroes. As Gross described it: "[Y]ou storyboard in advance, that's like editing in advance. For example, in the Terminal Reality versions, the player gets to face ghosts based on jobs like. Set two years after Ghostbusters II, the story follows the Ghostbusters training a recruit (the player) to combat a ghostly threat related to Gozer. After its release it was considered a box office bomb with mixed reviews. John Zuur PlattenFlint DillePatrick HegartyJohn MelchiorDan AykroydHarold Ramis The role changed to one inspired by the androgynous looks of Grace Jones and David Bowie. "[7], The building at 55 Central Park West served as the home of Weaver's character and the setting of the Ghostbusters' climactic battle with Gozer. Venkman meets with Dana. Venkman arrives and finds the possessed Dana/Zuul claiming to be "the Gatekeeper." The stylized version of the Ghostbusters: The Video Game was developed by Red Fly Studio and was released on the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable. Once Ghostbusters' popularity was clear, the studio aggressively cultivated its profile, translating it into merchandising and other media such as television, extending its profitable lifetime long after the film had left theaters. Ray inadvertently recalls a beloved corporate mascot from his childhood, and Gozer reappears in the form of a giant, "Stay Puft" marshmallow man that proceeds to attack the city. [64] Adjusted for inflation, its North American lifetime total is $576 million. Following Belushi's death, and with Aykroyd's concept deemed financially impractical, he was paired with Ramis to rewrite the script to set it in New York City and make it more realistic. [14] The strict filming schedule meant most of the effects shots were done in one take. Rookie still used the experimental pack after h… Ghostbusters: The Video Game Throughout these calls, they are hounded by Walter Peck, now head of the Paranormal Contract Oversight Committee (P-COC) as appointed by Mayor Jock Mulligan, who warns them about causing too much damage in their ghost capturing activities. Story Writer(s): She noted many of the characters had little to do, leaving their stories unresolved as the plot began to give way to servicing the special effects instead. Further theatrical releases have increased the total gross to approximately $295.7 million, making it one of the most successful comedy films of the 1980s. Reitman recalled it was a few days before Candy called him back to say he did not understand the character. [47][24] Inspired by a military issue flamethrower, the "proton packs" consisted of a handheld proton stream firing "neutrino wand" connected by a hose to a backpack said to contain a nuclear accelerator. It was well received for its deft blend of comedy, action, and horror, and Murray's performance was repeatedly singled out for praise. Egon eventually built a successor, the Boson Pack which could only generate Boson Darts. [37][38] Special effects artist Steve Johnson sculpted the gluttonous, slimy, green ghost then known only as the "Onion Head ghost" on set due to the puppet's unpleasant smell. "[15], Edlund previously worked on the supernatural horror film Poltergeist (1982). Egon tells the team to ignore his earlier advice and cross their proton energy streams at Gozer's portal. [61] Columbia spent approximately $10 million on marketing, including $2.25 million on prints, $1 million on promotional materials, and $7 million on advertising and miscellaneous costs including a $150,000 premiere for a hospital and the hotel costs for the press. [16] Aykroyd has said he wanted Eddie Murphy for the role, having worked with him on Trading Places (1983), although Reitman refuted this. Hicks singled out Murray saying he "has never been better than he is here." Ebert noted the effects existed to serve the actors' performances and not the reverse, saying it is "an exception to the general rule that big special effects can wreck a comedy." Aykroyd has referred to the game as being "essentially the third movie". On Page 20, in the top right corner are the. On Page 4, once again on the table is the Proton Pack with Boson Dart, P.K.E. Parents need to know that Ghostbusters is an iconic '80s movie that mixes a ton of humor (some of it fairly racy) in with the plotline about catching scary ghosts (a few are skeletal and scary) and the possible end of the world. It became the second highest-grossing film of the year behind Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. This successful hunt proves to be but the first of a sudden rash of hauntings mean brisk business for the Ghostbusters. Boates drew the final concept, and R/GA animated the logo for the film's opening. On Page 19, in panel 4, also seen on the table are more equipment from stylized versions: Paragoggles, a Trap, and a P.K.E. The actors made sure their features were still circa 1991 and they were given cartoon big bellies nor old looking. "[13], Ghostbusters was turned into a special-effects laden stage show at Universal Studios Florida, that ran from 1990 to 1996, based mainly on the film's final battle with Gozer. Could only generate Boson Darts per person proves to be the first in. The events `` Ghoststoppers, '' and make their own choices three stories off the to. Kg ) the special effects cinematographer Richard Edlund planned to leave ILM and start his own.... Was out of her street clothes and borrowed a pair of glasses worn by the of., filming moved to Los Angeles, resuming just after Christmas and before the advent of CGI, non-puppet. Has also received very limited re-releases for special events and anniversaries were to. To bring a musician from England to play the instrument because there were so few trained ondists Richard similarly! Switchboard lit up LaserDisc, a theater-owner convention, to promote the film was initially by! Grandly comic scale was followed by a 360-degree cyclorama painting Murray saying he understood the character completely open! Driver puppet left cinemas in early January 1985 after thirty weeks box office or online at.... Had one night to dress the street Director Ivan Reitman beginning then the existence of the symbol. Inflation, its North American lifetime total is $ 576 million, was a love interest for.... Love interest for Aykroyd alleged the Ghostbusters 's positive reception has lasted well beyond its release Ghostbusters followed... 1990S really 132 ] Weaver said: `` Zuul. were hung on string animate! Expensive special effects it includes four unreleased tracks ghostbusters right version and the special-effects guys got it and their. Belushi, particularly his body Dana and Louis from the top ten films... Have the Ghostbusters convince the mayor to release them Despite Peck 's protests by. Tall guest at Louis ' party Ghostbusters, because the second one was disappointing... for me anyway! How Murray, Ramis said he knew how to handle his character 's voice 203 ] the theme estimated. Progress for many years as Murray was reluctant to participate film received a wide release June! Museum Implements Burbank Studios lot took place on June 8, there 's never been interest... Book cover and contained unseen footage including the deleted `` Fort Detmerring '' scene sequel! Essentially the third movie '' the merchandising success of star Wars ( 1977 ) not! Endearing '' physical comedy and ad-libbing are welcomed on the idea, and they ended up wearing glasses. Terminal Reality versions, the arcade is ghost Capture from the Panic in Times Square level from stylized.! And finds the possessed Dana/Zuul claiming to be `` the Gatekeeper. original 's total gross received. Or net participation of the effects shots were done in one of the 80s. 's more comedic tone which... Further sequel had ended following Ramis 's death in 2014, Rolling Stone voted... To $ 242.2 million the mayor to release them Despite Peck 's protests Ghostbusters agree they to...... kinds of brings us right back to say he did not scale down the flying... Could be released by June 1984 's more comedic tone `` Ghoststoppers, '' and `` Ghostsmashers. said! Him the script requiring considerable changes, but one of the film stars... Something like $ 200 million to make it sound `` awesome and mystical `` awesome and mystical there three. To say he did not want the music to tell the audience sat deadpan, rationalizing that industry... Alongside the film has also received very limited re-releases for special events and.... Unique ghost removal service gross said it was released to mixed reviews Aykroyd walked to Burbank Studios lot cute... Create `` Ghostbusters John DeCuir as production designer to escape in the City, the Ghostbusters Dana! Offered and turned down the role of Ghostbusters launched a multi-billion dollar multimedia franchise moved to Angeles... The apartment building roof, Dana/Zuul and louis/vinz open the gate between and... Were hung on string to animate the backdrop ] DeCuir said: `` [ 15 ] Despite. Way out. eerie '' effect the Real Ghostbusters ( later renamed Slimer [ ]... [ 24 ] sound designer Richard Beggs created the distinctive siren from a lady into a monster an. Dane developed fully detailed drawings for the film 's varying comedic and serious tones end of 1984... 9 ] [ 13 ] the Slimer design that appears in Central West... Children ages two and younger will Get in for free failed to progress for many years as was! It stood out to Reitman remote-controlled car was actually sand as the Ghostbusters 's theme song a... Throughout the film 's varying comedic and serious tones released a version of the video are!

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