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This extraordinary sculpture of St Bartholomew is, appropriately, on display in the church of St Bartholomew the Great in Smithfield. He is also the Director of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Sciences (ISIS), and Chairman of the long running esoteric research society, The Rennes Group, and has written for journals and publications of all kinds and decoded Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code in the bestselling book, The Dan Brown Companion. Lower mathematics holds a pen and a book whilst beside her two owls sit on piles of books. One New Change has done a great job with ceiling lights …, If you’re going to advertise Covid tests you might as well make the message more cheerful by surrounding it with decorations …, Moor House on London Wall seen from the Barbican Highwalk …, The Dion Bar and Restaurant at St Paul’s has put together a nice display …, This one cheers you up when you go shopping …, The folk at 5 Aldermanbury Square have gone to town with four trees, these are two of them …. The oddly-named borough contains many of London… 16. For almost 30 years now I have either worked in the City of London or within walking distance and am now incredibly lucky to be living there. Tucked away in a corner at Liverpool Street railway station is this plaque directly underneath the main memorial to the First World War dead. However, this was not the case and I have been wandering around taking in the work organisations have put in to cheer us up and this week’s blog aims to recognise their achievements. Urbanisation has all but erased the megalithic footprint of London, but some remnants, such as Primrose Hill, with its curious burial mound and breathtaking views of London, remain. American by birth, I have lived in London for fifteen years and consider it my home. Thursday 29 October – A Virtual Tour of the Secret Gardens in the City of London and Highlights of the Beautiful Royal Parks. The cult is thought to be Roman or Persian in origin and the name ‘mi-it-ra’ has been found inscribed in a 1400 BCE peace treaty between the Hittites and the kingdom of Mitanni in Northern Syria. As darkness closed in on the City of London in the late afternoon of 16 February 1982, a number of influential men converged on the ancient Guildhall, seat of the City's medieval-style government. View fullsize. At first glance, the City of London looks the epitome of the modern business metropolis, with soaring new buildings by important architects and bustling streets, restaurants and bars. 14. The City of London needs to be held to account by the citizens of London and its inheritance made available for the good of the city. Come the middle of the 19th century the tale of Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street, began to emerge. He died in 1591, but the poet who devised this eulogy presumably had a problem getting 1591 to rhyme with anything. I’ll start outside one of my favourite places, St Paul’s Cathedral …. City ladies, a magic square and some gentle amusement, By clicking "subscribe" you consent to being added to our list at Mailchimp - you can update your preferences or unsubscribe at any time. Secret #02 City of London This secret can be found in the City of London area, all the way to the east. I have chosen a few with female figures and the first is entitled ‘Crafts’ …. The King was passionate about astronomy and instructed his architect, the renowned occultist Sir William Chambers, to complete the work in time to view the transit of Venus, which occurred that year on 3rd June. The serpent is one of the oldest occult symbols, representing many esoteric concepts, including duality, good and evil, and harmony with the earth. The oldest part of the city; the City or Square Mile. Discover the secrets of London’s oldest Roman road In the British capital, a street can have many names—and surprises—if it’s been around for almost 2,000 years. London has always been a city shrouded in mystery. 17. Climb to the roof of one of the taller factories, then use your Rope Launcher on the topmost point of the roof of the other factory. Aleister Crowley was initiated as the group began to fragment into various offshoots, such as the Alpha et Omega which formed in around 1900. Here, he created a mural dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which features a Black Sun and references layer upon layer of veiled knowledge. Until 1940 it belonged in Christchurch Newgate Street, so how did it come to reside in St Sepulchre’s? Representing Prosperity, she holds a basket with a rich assortment of fruit and corn. It’s time again for the Christmas Quiz based on my blogs from 2020. The nursery rhyme, ‘London Bridge is falling down’, is said by English Myths and Legends author Henry Bett to be the folk memory of the ancient practice of human sacrifice at the building of a bridge. M@ Secrets Of The Square Mile All images by M@, except the NatWest Tower, which is from Google satellite view. The secret City of London which is not part of London. The South London walk with three of the best views of the city and a pub at each end Nearby are a bunch of lovely locally-owned cafés to grab a coffee and a pastry, giving you a perfect opportunity to support local businesses. Behind the allegorical lady, and just about visible, are beehives ‘betokening industry’. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. In commissioning the work, George III was creating his personal observatory and meridian, despite the fact that the official and Royal Observatory – and meridian, the naval of the country – had been established in Greenwich a hundred years earlier. Full of the buildings and institutions that have shaped our lives and not just our world, but the world. What is less widely known, however, is that occult beliefs prevented an otherwise manageable outbreak from being extinguished. Given the many cathedrals and orders that were subsequently transformed into ruins, any number of different sects could have been culpable of the act of desecration that awaited the king after his death. From hidden churches to secret gin, parrots to phoenixes, we're going to lift the lid on the City of London's weird and wonderful history. The account leads us to believe that the griffin may have been a real animal, which multiplied before fading from history, only to be seen once more in the 1980s, and on multiple occasions by various upstanding citizens of West London. The illustration below appeared in The Builder magazine in 1871 …. The bowl is white marble and the wooden supporting plinth is painted to look like stone. 17. Visited a few places we didn't know existed and had a very nice lunch at one of the recommended pubs - so nice we took a bit too long and our time wasn't that good! I think this will change tomorrow (Friday 11th) to a more traditional display. I must admit, I was a bit worried that this year would be a bit of a disappointment in view of the fact that significantly fewer people are travelling here for work or leisure. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. The answer is not only ‘very’ but also ‘totally and utterly’! She is seated on a globe and her right hand holds a cloak which billows out to her left. What notorious prison is this? Secret Gardens of the City of London is based on my unique, popular and generally well regarded tour with Ye Olde England Tours Sacred Secret Sanctuary Gardens Walk (rated by Trip Advisor / Viator as the top rated ‘Secret London’ experience) in the oldest part of London, the City of London or Square Mile… Londinium as the Romans knew it. WEBSITES: & Get to really know the city in this tour which is perfect for locals and those who know the city well! Feel free to share your own City of London trivia in the comments below. View fullsize. Cleopatra’s Needle, as the London obelisk is known, is flanked by two replica sphinxes that appear to guard the ancient structure. 800 x 2 = 1600) Deductinge Nine A waye (1600 – 9 = 1591). Death in the city: the grisly secrets of dealing with Victorian London's dead Cemetery at Bunhill Fields, Finsbury, London, 1866. Who was the sculptor? Secret Gardens of the City of London. One account suggests that Crowley succeeded, for he is said to have returned home one night only to find his door open and ‘semi-materialised beings’ marching around his flat. Trees always appear nicer if there are a few parcels scattered around their base. Do they date from 1814, 1914 or 2014? The arrival of the Romans marked a significant milestone in the evolution of London’s occult tradition and in 54 BCE Julius Caesar and his men crossed the Thames in West London, signalling the new era. Fast forward to 2012 and the London Olympics, whose logo inexplicably resembles the word ‘Zion’ and whose stadium sits amidst symbolically named streets (see “The London Olympics Conspiracy”). Read more here. In 1769 George III anxiously awaited the completion of an alchemist observatory in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Sure enough, London’s native tribes appear to have paid homage to their gods for protection from the Romans, as indicated by a decorative bronze shield with inlaid coloured glass found in the Thames near Battersea that dates to this time. Like other ancient settlements in Europe, London was inhabited by megalithic societies who constructed stone circles and burial mounds. The gory urban myth appears to be without historical merit, causing some to speculate that the legend of a serial killer in the vicinity of the Templar precinct may be a memory of former ritual sacrifices. Explore history with City Secrets Walks: The very popular ‘The Blood and Tears Walk’ has been going for 17 years and deals with Jack the Ripper, other London serial killers, witchcraft, execution and much else in London’s dark past. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. The Roman invasion changed the landscape, language, culture and thought process of native Britons forever. On this unique walk you will explore the streets of hidden London and be introduced to In the morning it was discovered that wild dogs had ripped open his casket and ravaged his body, leading some to speculate that the attack was a deliberate act of revenge enacted by a member or group of individuals from one of the aggrieved monastic orders he had defied. Charles II also domesticated the ravens at the Tower of London, a tradition summed up as follows: “If the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it.” The belief appears to stem from the legend of the Celtic god, Brân the Blessed, whose name means ‘Blessed Raven’ in Welsh and who was killed in an otherwise successful battle against an adversary, the Irish King, Matholwch. Just south of the Financial District and a few blocks north of the London Bridge is a statue. The secrets of London's most famous bridges. The Trojan leader Brutus established a city here in 1100 BCE and named it Troia Nova, or Trinovantum. At the London Library, there are also versions of some of the smallest books in the world, even miniatures smaller than three inches in height. Being a lover of history, gardening and walking, there could be nothing better than showing Londoners and visitors to the delights and secrets of the original part of our great city, where it all began 2,000 years ago – the City of London – known as “the City… Ritual killings continue in London, and the river Thames continues to be the depository for the ritual remains of victims. To top it off the City of London gets to act more like one of the countries in the UK than just an oddly located city -- for uniquely the corporation that runs the city of London is older than the United Kingdom by several hundred years. We take a look at the city’s supernatural secrets. For almost 30 years now I have either worked in the City of London or within walking distance and am now incredibly lucky to be living there. Hodge sits atop a copy Johnson’s famous dictionary and alongside a pair of empty oyster shells. The statue is made of bronze from captured enemy cannon melted down after the Battle of Waterloo. It was then that we read Plato’s account of an Egyptian priest’s description of the lost continent of Atlantis. The dog-like figure with wings fell into a local river, survived and ended up in the Thames, near the point at which Caesar had crossed. It dates from 1673, predating the church, and was previously located in a ‘tabernacle’ used by the congregation during the rebuilding. She is depicted with her right hand raised in a gesture of blessing while her left holds an olive branch …, The structure was erected by the Corporation’s Market Improvement Committee in 1873 a few years after the armistice between France and Prussia was signed in 1871. Foremost amongst Wren’s impressive, occult inspired designs is Saint Paul’s Cathedral, which not surprisingly is aligned 2,000 cubits from Temple Bar to the West and 2,000 cubits from St Dunstan’s in the East. Have your thinking caps ready because next week’s blog is the CHRISTMAS QUIZ! Fortune left because she feared she was under psychic attack, and proceeded to write the definitive book on psychic and occult protection. The Alchemy of Time: Understanding the Great Year & the Cycles of Existence, Dreams, Spirits & the Occult: The Secret World of Carl G Jung, Rudolf Steiner, Secret Societies & ‘The Ahrimanic Deception’, The Way of the Sly Man: The Teachings of G.I. 8. You'll visit old gas-lit alleyways, walk past atmospheric pubs and hear stories of superstition, murder, eccentricity and magic. Posted on 12/05/2020 12/05/2020 by apho2018. Secrets of Underground London uncovers 2000 years of subterranean history: a … The foundations of London’s occult traditions run wide and deep and represent a microcosm of the esoteric tradition the world over. Now with more time on my hands, every week I promise to share with you something I have discovered that I hope you will find intriguing, informative and hopefully make you smile. Notes & Corrections: 0:09 The Population of the City of London is 7,000, not 11,000. This magnificent statue of the Duke of Wellington stands outside the Royal Exchange. Within two hours of unveiling the memorial Sir Henry Wilson was dead. If you are interested here’s a link to my last Christmas blog about the lights. Read more about it here along with its connection to St Sepulchre’s church including the bell that was rung outside the cells of condemned prisoners the night before their execution. Despite the recent Hollywood movie starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, the legend of Sweeny Todd has largely been superseded by one that took place half a century later, in 1888, when a serial killer by the name of Jack the Ripper murdered five women, forming a 5-sided pentagram in the process and removing their organs along the way, including, in some instances, their hearts. Hidden away from the busy main roads you will find a secret city of medieval streets, narrow alleyways, hidden courtyards and ancient buildings. It’s a fascinating building and you can read more about it here. Hidden London: Secrets of the City Revealed By Andrew Gough. The wall that began all this 2,000 years ago is now mostly gone -- so the border between London and its secret inner city isn't so obvious. Gather your team and get exploring; start in the bustling Piccadilly Circus and work your way East. Sometimes called the Square Mile, it is perhaps best known today as one of the world’s leading business centres. It’s a woman dressed as a man, by Giuseppe Grandi, and dates from 1872. Feel free to share your own City of London trivia in the comments below. Reception at Cromwell Tower …, and at Shakespeare (I love the little figures) …. Similarly, albeit over a thousand years later, a golden-horned, apparently ceremonial Viking helmet was discovered in the Thames, near Waterloo. Others believed it was a ruse to compete with the Theosophical Society. = Garden or cemetery = Museum = Roman site = Historic Site. Education is seated in the centre, whilst Art and Science recline at either side. View fullsize. Entitled Exquisite Pain, as well as his skin the saint also holds a scalpel in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other. The square is not very clear now due to the dirt on the carving so here are the numbers it contains …, Dürer included it in an engraving entitled Melancholia I …. On the left are two men – a sower and a mower. It was Newgate Gaol. Illustration: Heritage Image Partnership Ltd/Alamy 6. Across town, the Knights Templar established a base in High Holborn, in a Roman temple once revered by Hugues de Payens. Brutus is also associated with another legend, the London Stone, a curious rock of which little is known for certain. Interestingly both were former British army officers and O’Sullivan had lost a leg at Ypres, his subsequent disability hindering their escape. What many people might not know is that a whole part of the city is hidden: an occult underworld populated by witches, wizards and people who are interested in the legends of the past and the supernatural realms. In 1938 and 1939, nearly ten thousand unaccompanied Jewish children were transported to Britain to escape persecution in their hometowns in Germany, Czechoslovakia and Austria. ‘Secret City’ is a minimal budget film by Michael Chanan and Lee Salter which investigates the history and contemporary role of the City of London Corporation. With Natalie Bennett, Robin Blackburn, Alex Alhassan Darboe, Stephen Haseler. I don’t think the monks were tiny, just that the level of the street has risen …, The Stag at The Jugged Hare bar and restaurant is very angry about being in Tier 2 …, I have never, ever seen a dog dressed like this. If you visit St Sepulchre-without-Newgate you can admire this font cover with its beautiful craftmanship. Less than fifty years later they established their headquarters at the Priory in Clerkenwell, the remains of which are now a museum. If history is any indication, it is unlikely these traditions will fade any time soon, although they may move underground, much the same as London’s forgotten rivers, in order to survive. The group on the left represents ‘Early Training’. On the other side are two girls – one reaping and the other carrying a basket of fruit. Among these is the smallest copy of Dante’s Divine Comedy . These collectibles will unlock Reuge's Vault over in the City Of London. She is intended to represent ‘the stability and security of the Bank of England’. Though, next time you're in London, if you come across a small dragon on the street, he still guards the entrance to the city in a city in a country in a country. There is something unusual about the Greek wording – can you tell what it is? Thousands of little lights are embedded in Christmas tree foliage attached to a cone-shaped infrastructure. Regardless, the Golden Dawn grew rapidly, converting 50 members in its first year and another 250 in its second, before starting to implode into more offshoots than Clapham Station has train tracks. View fullsize. There is London and then there is the City of London, or Londinium as the Romans called it. The sculpture, called Controlled Energy, dates from 1932 and the sculptor, William Reid Dick, was asked why he included female figures in the work. In recent years the analysis of limbless torsos discovered in the Thames has prompted authorities to suspect ritual murder and superstition as the reason for the crimes. The above map presents the whereabouts of four music boxes in the City of London district. I love Christmas, and one of its features that I like best is the efforts made in the City to celebrate the season using lights and trees. The Theosophical Society, co-founded by Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891), introduced the notion that the evolution of mankind was governed by a chosen elect known as the ‘brotherhood’. There's a small park in front of the mansion. And we see where modern buildings and sculptures are complementing the old routes. It is rather unusual and is intended as a pastiche of a late medieval Venetian palace. Secret of London #02 - On the road leading to the bridge to Southwark borough on the eastern side of the City of London. What children are represented in this sculpture outside Liverpool Street Station? It became a sovereign state in 1694 when King William III of Orange privatized and turned the Bank of England over to the bankers. The Victorians were obsessive about all matters of the supernatural and the legend of Spring-Heeled Jack, the Bogeyman of London, persisted throughout the reign of Queen Victoria. The tradition of creating buildings with occult dimensions had been re-born and continued in later periods of development, such as the nude, winged statue of Anteros, the Greek avenger God of requited love, erected in Piccadilly Circus in 1892, and which was originally orientated in the direction of Parliament, presumably to send ‘love’ and to produce greater synergies within government. The original inhabitants of London were incredibly resilient and fought bravely to maintain their cultural identity. The earliest humans hunted here over four hundred thousand years ago. London is a metropolis of 8 million people. These include settlements at Wimbledon Common, Heathrow and the present-day Houses of Parliament, to name a few. Stephen Liddell. You can read much more about the Institute in the excellent London Inheritance blog which also contains this 1947 photograph highlighting the vast extent of the wartime bomb damage. You can read more about its history, When Christchurch was a blazing inferno as a result of the Blitz a postman ran into the building and rescued the font cover. The so-called energy field/cosmic doorway is said to stretch all the way to Primrose Hill, which is precisely the expanse of land that Blake was writing about in his epic poem, Jerusalem. Find a building with the Abbot’s Cocoa sign, on a square with a monument. The two men on the right represent ‘Hardware goods’. The Meridian was special, for it intersected sacred sites along the way, which were part of what George envisaged as a new Arcadia; a diamond in the rough – a paradise amidst the urban chaos of London. A friar carrying his missal stands in an alcove in an area named after an order of monks that were finally expelled in 1538 as a result of the dissolution of the monasteries. While most people will tell you that London is one great big city, the truth is that there is one more London that it is inside of London. In a recent documentary on King Arthur that I presented for the National Geographic Channel, I expressed my belief, much to the producer’s chagrin, that the ambiguity around Arthur’s origins is due to the fact that he never existed. Another London occultist, William Blake, wrote of the London Stone in his poem, Jerusalem (1820): “At length he sat on London Stone and heard Jerusalem’s voice.” Clearly, the relic once cast a magical spell on the city. 05 Dec. Grey’s Videos: This entry was posted in HISTORY and tagged history, history of vietnam. I trust you are all OK in these difficult times and send you my very best wishes for 2021. For centuries separate from London, the City of Westminster is now a city in moniker only. Had a great time on the City of London walk. ‘Please mum, I need to go to the loo’ …, Yet another spooky clothes model to add to the collection …, Finally, I make no apology for including this picture again. The Secrets of London Tour will take you past the Tower of London, views of Tower Bridge, an exclusive Central London marina and past Borough market, one of the city’s premier markets. Read more here. Rather, he was an archetypical hero, who lived in the constellation of Ursa Major, known as the ‘Great Bear’, meaning Arthur.

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